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STA Connected
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About Us

STA Connected is a solutions-based social media network created by StarTribe Alliance to help empower community members and grow support for active projects.  StarTribe Alliance aims to build a global network of activated individuals and communities working towards positive solutions through conscious Earth-stewardship, community-building, innovation and self-accountability.  Our long term goal is to create an international, sister-city network of eco-villages, all-ages learning centers, healing centers and sanctuaries. By living in accordance with our core values, making ethical life and business choices that are healthy for each other and the environment, we form an alliance that serves the betterment of the planet and the harmonious co-existence of all of its creatures.

Why You Should Join STA Connected

We are co-creating a global social network rooted in earth stewardship, wellness and resiliency.  Our mission is to foster multi-generational, multicultural, open source sharing and collaboration between individuals and groups.  Share your interests & projects, connect with others working on similar and diverse visions and help grow the Global EcoVillage.  Together We Thrive!


Gratitude for each being doing their part to make this world a more just, more healthy,  more safe, magical & beautiful place <3